Transport and Lowering


Panels up to the length of 6 meters can be lifted by forklifts or cranes. If forklift is used to handle the packages, care shall be taken to prevent the lower panels to be damaged by forklift arms; if lifting sling is used care shall be taken no to damage the sides of the panels. Panels which are longer than 6 meters shallbe lifted by a crane using lifting beam.

Roof panels up to 15 m and facade panels up to 8 m can be installed by manual labor.

Longer panels shall be installed using a crane. While taking individual panels from the package, they shall not be slid overeach other, care shall be taken to prevent the edges to scratch the lower panel.

Panels shall not be lifted by holding the sides or metal lugs since this may cause deformation. If the panels are covered by protective sheets, they shall be removed upon installation of the panel. In the case that the panels are required to be stored for extended periods, it is recommended to leave the sheet on the panel no more than 2 weeks. Otherwise, the sheeting will adhere on the metal and become impossible to remove.


Package quantities vary according to the properties of sandwich panels or corrugated panels which are shipped through land transport. Packages are separated from each other with EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) wedges. These wedges provide gap for inserting forklift arms or crane slings between the packages.

They also prevent harsh contact between panels. In ex works sales, the customer is responsible for providing equipment and workmanship for unloading the packages. While the packages are unloaded from the vehicle, forklifts and cranes appropriate for the length and weight are used. While lifting Sandwich Panels or Corrugated Panels to the roof, the edges shall be protected properly.

While lifting with crane, flat sling or lift strap shall be used, chains or steel cables shall never be used. Edges shall be protected properly while lifting the material to the roof. It must be ensured that pressure on the panels does not cause deformation. If possible, the packages shall be supported with apparatus from underside for distributing the center of gravity. Since taking the corrugated and sandwich panels from stacks by sliding may cause scratches on the surface of other panels, they shall be lifted upon being erected on its side.

Panels shall not be handled from side lugs while unloading from the vehicle or lifting to the roof, they shall be uphold entirely.

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