Sandwich Panels

What’s Sandwich Panels?

Sandwich panels are light and solid construction materials. They have many functions like hygiene, heat insulation, air tightness, aesthetics and safety. They are used as heat and water insulation on the exteriors of buildings.

All products have class-A quality in Arma Panel Tic. ve San. A.S. which has the most technological and serial production line.

Arma Panel which produces 5 different insulation materials as polyurethane, polysocyanurate, rock wool, glass wool and eps has the most modern facility of Turkey and the Middle East.

The rolled sheet metals which enter the production line of Arma Panel form to top and bottom surfaces of the sandwich panels with the aid of rollers.

Polyurethane is injected in between the two formed surfaces. Or rock wool, glass wool or eps insulation layer is added and put into furnace in press to go through chemical reaction.

The insulation layer formed becomes composite system sandwich panel by fixing to the top and bottom sheets. The formed sandwich panels are cut and made ready in the desired lengths and dimensions by means of the saw on the serial band.

They are stacked and packed with the fully automated stacking system afterwards.

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