In work sites, panels are generally stored for a certain period before installation.

Storage shall be realized by taking the following measures.

Packages shall be placed with 2 meter intervals on wooden wedges. EPS wedges between packages shall be used here too, wedges which are on top of each other shall be aligned in a line.

They shall be stacked with inclination to prevent rain water to accumulate on the top and penetrate into the package. It the storage will not be made in an indoor area, the top shall be covered with water proof sheeting without forming a pool cavity.Also, an empty space shall be left between sheeting and panels for air circulation. Despite taking necessary measures, stocks shall be checked for penetration of humidity and water.

Panels shall be stored in an area which is safe against theft and impacts and shall not be placed on passageways. Contact of panels with materials which cause corrosion such as soil, scale, lime, mortar, fertilizer, acid, salt and alkali shall be prevented before and during installation.

Any processes which may cause scratches on the surface of the material shall be avoided. Panels shall not be placed on areas where they can be stepped on.

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